Tolkun Olkku


The Porin Ässät ice hockey team is one of the most well-known sporting brands in Finland. To ensure that it stays this way for the ensuing decades, the financial stability of the team’s juniors needs to be secured for the years ahead. A convenient way to achieve this is to sell shares in the team to the fans – to those who already see the brand as their own.


To make sure that the sales note would not get lost in the trove of online information, a hilarious character called Tolkun Olkku was created to boast about his plans to buy the entire team for himself. Even if ice hockey is a matter of life and death for many, it does not have to be serious all the time.

For more detailed information on the project: Juuso Kemi, Creative Director +358 50 550 9427 juuso.kemi@staart.fi

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