From Pori with Love

Follow your heart back to home


A purpose of a city is to serve its citizens and to excel in that – a city needs lots of citizens as tax payers. Since Pori isn’t exactly the centre of growth in Finland – most potential target group is those who have moved away from Pori. Everybody tries to reason with returnees – but that would not be the Pori way of doing things.


Relationship with Pori is much like all important relationships in your life – you either love it or hate it. So we sent very open and personal love letter to its former citizens. Pori convinced that it had been regretting things, having gone through changes and having finally learned from its mistakes while quite openly begging for a rebound. This confession didn’t stay between ex-lovers – it made the headlines of news papers and even ended up getting handwritten responses. Letter directed its readers to a campaign site featuring a dating app – with Porinder search for true love could continue.

For more detailed information on the project: Juuso Kemi, Creative Director +358 50 550 9427


Rebranding a city with its own personality
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